High Performance Miata Door Bushings


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Noise & Vibration Reduction

The V8R MX5 door bushings help keep your doors tightly in place while driving. Made from high-performance cast nylon for maximum friction and rattle reduction to provide you with a quieter, more comfortable ride.  Our stiffer bushings replace the soft rubber OEM ones that came with your MX5. The benefits of replacing or upgrading old worn stock bushings can be recognized immediately when driving and the benefits are even more pronounced when used under the extremes of high performance and racing applications.

We designed our bushings with an easy install in mind and they are compatible with all Miata models (NA, NB, NC, and ND). This is one of the easiest, lowest cost ways to increase your Miata’s chassis stiffness while also allowing your doors to latch tightly and greatly reduce the rattling noise from the doors.

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