PFC 11.750″ Rotor


299.20.0045.11 * 

Left Rotor

299.20.0045.12 * 

Right Rotor

Pair Left/Right Rotors



PFC “zero failure” rotors. These are our go to rotors for ultimate performance, life, and heat management.

Technical Information

• .810 Disc – 8 Bolt x 7.0″ BCD
• High Carbon Alloy with copper and molybdenum for high temperature strength and durability.
• Vanes turned OD and ID for balance to reduce thermal warping and vibration.
• Runout less than .001 inches, reducing Pulsation and Vibration.
• Thickness variation less than .0003 inches reduces Pulsation and Vibration.
• 47 or more vanes for superior thermal capacity.
• Aircraft quality heat treated for micro structure alignment and durability.
• Surface finish less than .7 microns.
• 100% measured and inspected to meet tolerance specifications.

Part Number: PFC Part Number:
Left PF29920004511 299.20.0045.11
Right PF29920004512 299.20.0045.12

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 3 in
Choose 11.75" Rotor

Ultralite 32, V8R Directional (left rotor)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

These are the best rotors you can put on a track Miata. Period end of story. This is the only rotor that I will put on my car. At 150 mph on the straights of VIR and Road Atlanta I know my rotor will stand up and not crack. Tired of missing track time while swapping rotors in the pits. Ask me how I know. These outlast and out perform everything else making them less expensive in the long run. The machining and tolerances are far superior to everything else I've tried.

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