V8R StopTech Rear Brake Kit Replacement Calipers



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Please Note:  Stoptech is experiencing unforeseen delays in both raw materials and transit times. We are not able to submit stocking orders at this time and all calipers must ship direct. Lead times vary up to 16 weeks. All V8R parts are in stock and may ship ahead of time.

STR-42 Trophy Calipers - 15mm Rotor

These brake calipers are the smallest, and lightest 4-piston caliper developed from StopTech weighing in at only 4lbs. Designed with high fluid pressures and forces in-mind, the ST-42 and STR-42 are the preferred option for blade-type rotor systems. These stiff, lightweight calipers, provide a level of performance that did not exist before. The ST(R)42 calipers embed the same race-winning paradigms of low mass, stiffness, patented bridge bolt, with application flexibility. ST42 calipers are forged with a minimal machined finish. STR42 calipers are fully machined billet construction. These calipers are compatible with our, V8R NA & NB StopTech Rear Brake Kit.

STR-21 Trophy Calipers

For the rear axle application, we’ve worked directly with StopTech and engineered the lightweight STR-21 caliper over both the sport and non-sport rotor. The STR21 was designed to be used for the rear axle that requires less pad volume than the STR-22 and non-vented, solid rotors. This package can be implemented in smaller wheel diameters, typical of most front-wheel-drive race cars. Even with its smaller size, the STR-21 maintains caliper stiffness and optimal pad wear to provide the best performance in its class. The brake pad shape for the caliper is D31 which is supported by many pad manufacturers. These calipers are compatible with our following performance brake kits:

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