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The V8R S2000 STR43 Trophy kit was designed from input and feedback from the S2000 community to meet the performance and price point criteria for the weekend warrior track rat, while providing the refined street performance expected at this price point.

Calipers: Featuring a V8R-exclusive STR43 caliper with patented bolt-in bridge for greater stiffness, calculated piston volumes to work with OE master cylinder to retain balance, and ultra-light at 4.8lbs, we believe this to be the best balance of performance, lightness, durability, heat dissipation, and affordability in a caliper for the S2000 platform.

Rotors: Mounted over 328x28mm directional rotors and V8R custom floating hats. Included anti-rattle hardware significantly reduced pad knock and keeps brake noise to a minimum. This is a motorsports-level brake solution with enough civility to use on a daily-driven car!

Pads: Our kits are sold without pads to allow the end-user to select the pad type that best suits their needs. We offer a handful of pad options and would be happy to provide insight into what pads would work best for your needs.

This kit uses the DR21/Wilwood 7420 pad shape. That means there are already a huge amount of pads for this kit! Pads are readily available for this brake kit from the following manufacturers:

  • Hawk Performance
  • Porterfield
  • Stoptech
  • Wilwood
  • Winmax
  • Project Mu
  • Performance Friction Compound
  • Ferodo
  • Raybestos
  • G-Loc
  • Carbotech
  • Cobalt

If you require assistance selecting a pad for your kit, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Finish Options: This brake kit will be offered with rotor hats finished in either electroless nickel (silver) finish, or type-III hardcoat black anodized. Both finishes have been proven on track cars, and are extremely resistant to fade.

 Wheel Fitment: When we set out to develop a kit for the S2000, we wanted to offer the best performance in every single category, including wheel fitment. Therefore, we are proud to provide a kit to the public that fits more and higher offset wheels than an off-the-shelf ST-40 kit! The result of using the Stoptech STR-43 caliper with a 328mm rotor is a caliper face that sits further inboard than any off-the-shelf Stoptech, AP Racing, or Alcon brake kit on sale today. See the S2000 StopTech Brake Kit Wheel Fitment Template for details.

This kit has been confirmed to work with the following wheel options with no spacers:

  • Advan RSII, 17×9 +63
  • Prodrive GC-07C, 17×7.5 +44, 17×8.5 +39
  • Volk Racing CE28N, 17×9.5 +47/50, 17×9 +40, 17×9 +54
  • TSW Nurburgring, +63
  • Wedsport TC105N, 17×9 +49, 17×9 +35
  • Enkei NT03RR, 17×9 +45
  • Mugen MF10, 17×9 +42
  • 949 Racing 6UL 17×10 +52, 17×9 +52

Design: All V8R parts are CAD designed and FEA tested and machined with today’s latest CNC equipment. This kit has been tested extensively in the harshest conditions, both on the street and at the race track.

Spare Parts: Like any kit destined to be used for years on the track, the ready supply of spare parts is incredibly important when considering whether or not to buy an aftermarket braking system for your S2000. We took this into consideration when designing this kit, and as such are able to keep the price of consumables lower than almost any other brake kit on the market today. Rotor rings, brake pads, and hardware are all readily available through us, as well as many online vendors. Because this caliper uses a pad shape that has been in production for over two decades, along with a rotor size and bolt pattern shared with many off-the-shelf brake solutions, parts will always be affordable and readily available.

What’s Included:

  • One set of Stoptech STR43 Trophy calipers, made to V8R’s specs just for the S2000
  • V8R bespoke directionally-slotted floating two-piece 328×28 rotors
  • Motorsports-grade anti-rattle rotor mounting hardware
  • Bespoke V8R billet 6061 caliper brackets with mounting studs and nuts
  • DOT approved stainless steel brake lines
  • Type-III black hard coat anodized or electroless nickel plated bespoke hats.

Note: rotors and rotor mounting hardware in stock photos are NOT production rotors. Production rotors will have unidirectional slots, similar to off-the-shelf Stoptech rotors.

Please specify the year of your S2000 during the ordering process, as the 00-05 cars and the 06+ cars require different brake lines.

Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions18 × 16 × 10 in
Brake Pads

Stoptech, Cobalt, PFC

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