V8R STR21 Rear Brake Kit



For the rear axle application we’ve worked directly with StopTech and engineered the lightweight STR-21 caliper over both the sport and non-sport rotor. The STR21 was designed to be used for the rear axle that requires less pad volume than the STR-22 and non-vented, solid rotors. This package can be implemented in smaller wheel diameters, typical of most front-wheel drive race cars. Even with its smaller size, the STR-21 maintains caliper stiffness and optimal pad wear to provide the best performance in its class.


What’s included:

StopTech STR21 V8R Miata specific

6061 brackets with 10.9 hardware

DOT approved SS brake lines

Removes up to 7lbs per corner

Add our optional two piece rear hats for an additional 2lbs per corner savings   https://v8roadsters.com/product/v8r-rear-two-piece-brake-kit/


This is a competition kit only and does not offer a park brake solution.

Additional information

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions15 × 15 × 4 in


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