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The next best thing to seam welding… stiffen the uni-body in all aspects. The cowl stabilizers braces join the thinner fender material into the stout core of the uni-body via four locations. Our square tubing offers the best torsion stiffness via uniform geometry and larger cross sectional area, yielding in better tension and compression than plate and rectangular styles while offering the lowest weight to strength ratio. The main tube directly ties the the lower door hinge, the stiffest area of the uni-body, to the upper mounting point of the fender, area of the least structure. The triangulated center of the brace transfers load across the entire section of the fender area. The braces is keep close to the chassis to help eliminate flexing between the four mounting locations.


Read the Moto IQ write up ––V8-Roadsters-Cowl-Stabilizer-Brace-Adjustable-End-Links-and-Track-Test.aspx

– Square tubing design

– Laser cut and CNC formed mounting areas

– TIG and MIG welded

– Red powder coated

– Hardware included

– Lightweight design 3lbs total.

Fenders will need to be removed for installation. Fits both NA and NB models.

Additional information

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions4 × 18 × 16 in

1 review for Cowl Stabilizer Braces

  1. jumbosrule

    Bolted these up to my 94 without drama. Fitment was spot on, no clearance issues with the fender and noticed significant reduction in cowl shake on uneven roads.

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