Suspension Products

Are designed, tested, and manufactured in house from American made materials. Each product is extensively tuned to offer the best performance available. Along with suspension products we’ve worked with top shock manufactures to offer what we feel are the best options available. The products you find here are the same products you’ll find on our street and track cars. If you have questions about how these products preform alone, or paired together please contact us.

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  • Mazda RX8

    Mazda RX8 (5)

  • NA/NB Miata

    NA/NB Miata (20)

  • NC Miata

    NC Miata (9)

  • ND Miata

    ND Miata (4)

  • Replacement Suspension Parts

    Replacement Suspension Parts (3)

  • mx5 frame rails

    Frame Rails

  • Miata Butterfly Braces on Frame Rails

    Miata BDB Frame Rail Braces

  • Performace MX5 Suspension Package with Ohlins Coilovers

    Miata NA/NB Suspension Packages

  • mx5 sway bar end links

    Miata Sway Bar End Links

  • Adjustable tubular control arms

    Tubular Control Arms Full Set

  • tubular miata subframe

    Light Weight Subframe – BP engine

  • MX5 Front Lower Control Arms

    NA & NB Miata Front Lower Control Arms

  • MX5 Front Upper Control Arms

    NA & NB Miata Front Upper Control Arms

  • MX5 rear upper arms for NA & NB

    NA & NB Miata Rear Upper Control Arms

  • MX5 Rear Lower Control Arms

    NA & NB Rear Lower Control Arms

  • V8R sway bar mounts

    HD Sway Bar Mounts

  • Mountless subframe

    NA/NB Mount-less Subframe

  • NC Subframe

    NC Miata Mount-less Subframe

  • Mazda RX8 Ohlins Road & Track DFV Coilovers

  • NA & NB TTX ILX36