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Our DSD suspension is a result of over three years of track and street testing to provide a complete coilover system that would allow tight yet cushioned ride, but would be able to handle a weekend in the canyons or on track.  It’s full-length adjustment system keep ride height and preload adjustments separate by having easily adjustable length shock bodies. This feature allows you to make quick setup changes with the included forged spanner and also allows corner weighting without affecting spring preload. Damping curves are easily adjusted through the top of the shock. We use 8/5 settings for the street and start at 15/12 for track.

Our testing was done using BP and V8 conversion cars. Spanning over 40k miles and dozens of track days through the course of testing. For larger wheel and tire combos and more dedicated track uses we recommend 12K front and 7K rear spring rates. For touring street use and occasional track 8k front/ 5K rear.


NA/B 1990-2005:

Fully threaded aluminum bodied

Mono-tube design

30 way adjustable valving, rebound and compression together

Independent pre-load and ride height adjustments

10K(560lbs) front 7K(392lbs) rear spring rates standard.

SAE9254 high strength cold wound then heat treated steel springs

Aluminum upper mounts, rubber isolated to help aid NHV

NOK oil seals, 20w race series oil

Bump stops and dust boots included

Hard anodized for corrision resistance

Shocks can be rebuilt or custom valved

Supported by a 18 month warranty


Coilover are assembled with your choice of rates. Please allow a few days for assembly before shipping.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 28 × 8 in

Customer Reviews

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James Chambers
great coil overs

i gave them a true workout and they are still ready to rock. it's been 2 years and i have not gone easy on them. great ride and much improved steering in my 5.0 HO T5Z Monster. let's go brandon.
My advice is: Buy these.

Keith Lynch
Bang for the $$

I went with these after the suggestion from Allen at V8R Performance on my LFX build and I have been very happy with them. Built the car for the road and to get away from a dedicated Autocross setup but wound up running the car in a few shootouts and was impressed. Would absolutely recommend.

eric a.
Favorite Mod So Far

I ended up going with the 10k/7k setup for my slowly progressing v8 NB build. Driving around with the 1.8 weight and power these coilovers completely changed the look and feel of the car. Basically eliminated body roll and all the slop from old suspension components. The ride is planted now, firm yet comfortable and predictable. Super excited to get the v8 in and see how they handle the added weight and power!

Ivan Korda
First modification on my NB

This was the first aftermarket modification I put on my NB that was performance, brakes or suspension related. I am an amateur driver and these picked up 2.9 seconds a lap at my home track when dialed in. This was the only change during that testing. Would recommend these to anyone looking for a great set of coilovers that won't kill the budget. V8R service is excellent.

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