Drive Line Components



Ford 8.8

Option for Ford 8.8

American Axle

2010 and later Camaro


Drive line options for the NC are simple. Either the Ford 8.8 or late model Camaro American Axle(AAM). With the lack of new Ford parts, we opt for the AAM option. It also comes as a factory LSD which is excellent! Both kits will require welding, as the NC subframe was built with weight savings in mind and has minimal bracing and support.

The ford uses a sandwich style rear mount, while the AAM is a modular rear cover and mount. Each axle system use Porsche 930 style inner CV and 300M axle bars with direct fit outer CV. No spacers required. Kits come standard with steel driveshafts. ABS and aluminum driveshaft options available.


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Additional information

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 36 × 28 in

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