Long Tube Headers


    • 495 $


V8 Roadsters LSx Long tube headers

  • 304SS
  • 3/8 thick flanges
  • 1-¾” primaries  with 3″  merge collector
  • Designed to work with V8 Roadsters LSx NA/B conversions
  • O2 bungs are welded into the collectors
  • Headers use a slip style collector for improved ground clearance
  • Built by Kooks for V8 Roadsters

Dyno results have shown around 20hp gains on a stock LS6 over the typical 1.5″ dimpled shorter primaries. The steering shaft will need to be removed for installation and like most LTH, our headers install from the bottom. We recommend loosening the engine and lifting it to aid in installation. Some may choose to loosen the subframe and suspended it for additional clearance. Each car will be different depending on the routing of other items in the engine bay, installers working area, etc. GM starter part number 88878289. The GTO and F-Body long style will not fit! The driver’s side is even with the subframe and the passenger’s side is a little lower. By routing them this way we were able to avoid notching the bell housing.


Optional Upgrade: Jet Hot Ceramic Coating* *Coated headers will ship to Jet Hot and then to the final shipping address. Please allow up to three weeks for coating service from Jet Hot- COATING IS BLACK**



Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 20 × 32 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brice Bertelsman

Havnt installed yet but look top notch thank you v8R!!

Spencer Virgin

Ordered on Black Friday and they arrived about 3 weeks later neatly packaged. All the welds were clean and they bolted right up with no fuss alongside my V8R subframe and mounts.


Quality headers, perfect fit.


That sound is intoxicating! I put these on my LS3 NA and could not be happier. They are beautifully made and fit perfectly. Don’t restrict your build with lesser 1 1/2” primaries. These longtubes are worth every penny.

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