RX8 LSx Mounting Kit


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When Mazda released the RX8 it was hailed for it perfect balance and handling. The power plant however was never fully adopted and plagued with reliability issues. So we set out with the goal in mind to retain what was so loved, and answer the the long desired quest for power. We based the kit around the late model LSx series. To mount the engine we developed a all new tubular subframe, with integrated sway bar mounts to work with the CTSV accessory drive system and allows use of the GM F-body oil pan without modification. The electric steering rack is swapped to a hydraulic Mazda MX5 version and helps shed 35lbs from the front of the car while mates to the GM pump. The transmission mount section uses a pair of CNC profiled uni-body supports which strengthen and provide the mounting areas for the transmission cross member. The PPF is removed and the differential is replaced with our drive line kit based around the Ford 8.8.

Mounting kit includes:

  • Tubular front suframe with built in sway bar mounts
  • Light weight engine plates with Energy polyurethane mounts
  • Laser cut and CNC profile uni-body supports
  • Double arch transmission cross member for 3″ dual exhaust Energy polyurethane mount
  • Necessary hardware to install grade 8 zinc finished with proper fasteners
  • Dark gray gloss powder coat.

Mounting kits are built to order. Lead times vary and it is best to contact us for the current lead time.

Additional information

Weight80 lbs
Dimensions12 × 36 × 28 in
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