Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit



Get the most stopping power out of your Miata's brake system using the 1" bore Wilwood master cylinder kit. This master cylinder upgrade is made to work with modified brake systems utilizing larger piston area calipers. The kit helps reduce pedal travel while achieving solid pedal feel & modulation. Excellent upgrade for MX5's that see heavy track use. Pair this kit with the master cylinder brace to reduce firewall flex, stiffen the pedal and improve hard braking performance even further.

Miata Master Cylinder Installation Instructions

Now available for ABS boosters.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 15 × 15 in


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Customer Reviews

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Ralph Stankowski
Directions leave a lot to be desired...

So first impression was all of the bags arrived previously opened and one part missing. The parts don't looked used but hoping it works when I finish the install. The directions are completely useless. I mean they don't be have to be prefect but I ended up spending a ton of time searching for info like priming, checking the distance between the master plunger and the pedal pin. They don't even mention this but you need you have to at least check it. They didn't even have a single picture in the useless paragraph they sent... My suggestion to them would be to put up a YouTube video, how difficult it would be? I want to buy the master cylinder brace but based on this experience I'm not wanting to.