Elite Brake Kit

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V8R Rear Two Piece Brake Kit

Proportioning Valve

Rotor Upgrade

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This is a true four wheel big brake system designed for track and high powered street cars. Offering the largest thermal capicity available from a bolt on kit.

Up front 11.750″  rotor and hat weigh less then 10 lbs per corner. This offers a un-sprung weight savings of up to 9 lbs per corner. CAD designed hats offer more surface area to dissipate heat, this relates to more thermal dissipation decreasing heat and retaining greater pedal feel while extending the life of other brake system components. The rotors are matched to Wilwood Dynapro 4 piston calipers.

The rear uses a pair of Wilwood Powerlite 4 piston radial mount caliper knocking off close to 4lbs per corner of un-sprung weight. Custom caliper brackets that properly align the calipers over factory sport rotors. Neither front or rear portion require shims or locating rings for proper fitment. Simple PnP installation.

 A new combination master cylinder offers individual front and rear reservoirs with the the option of remote reservoirs for additional brake fluid capacity.

Braided stainless soft lines and Wilwood BP series pads are paired to the system and includes a liter of Wilwood high temp brake fluid. Optional Cobalt pad upgrade available for track only cars.

These are the only brakes that that will stop your V8 track car and are excellent for other high horse power Miatas.

Designed with the deepest offset on the market to work with most 15″ wheels like the 949 6UL. Some wheels may require spacers. Please check fitment before ordering.

  • Track rear rotor options is a light weight two piece setup designed on our front style hat using a proprietary Coleman 10.750″ solid rotor.

Please email for wheel fitment template –

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