V8R NA/NB Miata Wilwood Big Brake Kit




Customize our BBK to meet your Miata’s needs. Choose between:

  • Wilwood Dynapro Lug Mount or Wilwood Dynapro Radial Mount Calipers
  • Standard Ultralite, V8R Directional or PFC rotors
  • Fixed or floating mounted rotors
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The original 11.750" big brake kit! We designed our own BBK after testing many others. We start with a 11.750" rotor and designed our own hats. CAD designed and FEA tested, our hats weigh just over 1lb and are designed with cooling reliefs for great thermal dissipation. Our hats and brackets are CNC to a tolerance of .002 for true run out and proper alignment. Our kits are direct bolt-on, unlike cheaper kits that require hub rings and alignment shims. By doing this we are able to offer a brake kit that does not require spacers to clear most aftermarket wheels with an 11.750" rotor.

What’s Included:

  • Wilwood Dynapro lug mount calipers – 12mm pad(7812)
  • Wilwood Dynapro radial-mount calipers – 16mm pad(7816)
  • Rotor of your choice - fixed or floating - Floating rotor installation guide
  • V8R billet 6061 caliper brackets with mounting hardware
  • DOT approved stainless steel brake lines
  • Type-III black hard coat anodized plated hats
  • Can be upgraded to a four-wheel BBK

Wheel Fitment

We wanted to offer the best performance in every single category, including wheel fitment. Our 11.75″ kits will clear most current aftermarket 15″ wheels. Check the wheel fitment templates below. Proper wheel clearance is the responsibility of the end-user.

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 10 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ahmad Lahmaydi
Best money ever spent on my Miata

People have debated that rotors and pads are enough and to that I say sure if that is your budget. But if you can budget for these, get these. I paired these with G-Loc Pads and my miata would stop on a DIME. You definitely will need the proportioning valve to tune your brakes because it's so easy to lock up the fronts. Try to get the rear brakes to do some of the work too. This kit is the biggest brake kit you can fit in 15" wheels. All others use 11" rotors which is fine but the bigger the rotor diameter, the more leverage and better braking. I primarily used these on mountain roads and with stock brakes, I'd experience fade. These give me zero fade. Add to that light weight calipers for unsprung weight savings and you've got yourself a beast. This kit did not come with pads or fluid which is fine because you get to choose which pad you want to go for and what fluid to run. Similar to the other review I too had stock rear calipers to retain the parking brake. Zero issues to report on my end.

V Gru
Perfect for a 200hp track miata

Perfect for street/track use. No issues with master cylinder mismatch; plenty of clamp force for repeated 100mph+ slow downs on the track with no fade, even after 5 20min track sessions. No runout either. Best to avoid rear brake and prop. valve upgrades. They're simply not needed. Have been running them for 1.5 track seasons with no issues or noticeable disc wear so far. Perfect option at this power level (200hp) and much easier to live with than upgrading all 4 rotors along with a new master cylinder and prop valve (which leaks). Good quality braided lines too. One of the best upgrades for turbo miata laptimes, without sacrificing the awesome OEM mazda handbrake (that would be an issue if rear brakes upgraded too). Some lines/threads will need retightening after initial setup to deal with small brake fluid leaks that go away eventually. Just pay attention to your fluid level. Read the description if pads and fluid is included. You may need different types, depending on your application.

Tony Hamilton
Beware big brake we description

Ordered the Wilwood big brake it for my 04 Miata and although the description says includes brake fluid and no mention of not having pads Neith are included. When I contacted three I was told the website is outdated and basically oh well. Do yourself a favor and get the Goodwin or flying Miata kit. They come complete so you don’t have to spend $70 more on stuff that should be completed on a “ready to bolt on” kit like the website states.

Hi Tony - We removed the brake fluid from our kits because mixing fluids is not recommended by the manufacturer. Different fluids have different boiling points and mixing them can cause a soft pedal and possible system failures. We recommend using the same manufacturer of fluid that is already in service or a full system flush during installation. Our website is being updated to reflect this.

Niel Daria

I had no issue with this kit took about 2hours to install but thats me making sure everything is on point, watch out for your wheel sticky balance because mine hit i just bad to switch my rear wheel to front to fix the problem.


Sharp looking. Fills open style wheels with brakes and stops the car really, really well. However, the upright-to-bracket bolts (x4) are 5mm too short. I remedied that with ARP #673-1003 bolts.