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V8 Roadsters has worked with Ohlins USA to build what we feel is the ultimate NC race damper. Ohlins TTX36 & ILX36 dampers are based on the tremendously successful TTX40 damper design. The TTX series has captured top results in the LeMans, IRL, WTCC series and beyond. This is not your average off the shelf “race” damper.

The TTX is a twin tube design providing positive pressure build-up and has proven itself to be far superior to the conventional techniques used in other racing dampers. Low internal friction, vast adjustment range, and responsiveness even at the smallest strokes are among its virtues. The standard configuration is 2-way adjustable, Low Speed Compression (LSC) and Low Speed Rebound (LSR), and expandable to 3- or 4-way adjustable. You can feel the adjustment with each click of the damper.

A major advantage with the TTX36 inline damper is the integral reservoir that makes it very compact and easy to package (front damper). The rear damper utilizes the TTX piggy back. Balancing of reservoir damping to main piston damping, required to avoid cavitation, is no longer an issue. With no reservoir valve, the internal pressure of the damper unit will be kept to a minimum nearly eliminating hysteresis and thus resulting in excellent short stroke/high force performance. The Ohlins TTX range of shocks require very low gas pressure which considerably improves grip without any loss of damping performance.

Kits are built to order and can be customized with optional top mounts, spring rates, and customer provide valving.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 10 in