ND Camber Bushing Kit



V8R ND upright camber bushings increase static camber by 1 degree, the max available within the upright bores. Camber figures can change based in ride height and other suspension mods. Our bushings were engineered using OEM Mazda CAD data and fitted into the OEM upright. The bushings are made from 1018 steel and zinc coated just like the OEM inserts. CNC machined in house with alignment aids for install.


Please note that the best method for install is using a H-beam press.

V8 Roadsters ND Camber Bushing Kit.

This Kit replace the concentric steel bushings found in the front steering knuckle and it covers both sides of the car by providing two lower bushings, and two upper bushings. All parts are made of stainless steel and include indexing marks to aid in properly aligning the bushing.

Price is per kit(4)

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 7 in

Customer Reviews

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Robert Shinn
Sway Bsr links

Exactly as advertised.

So Far So Good!

Just got them on the car! The installation was easy and fitment looks great. The adjustability is nice to have and there's no interference with any of my steering components even though I'm running a decently high angle setup w/ Destroy or Die LCAs so that was nice to see. Haven't driven on them yet but I don't forsee any issues as the build quality looks great.

Griffin Hillmantel
Quality product

Another high quality product, no complaints.

Adair Silva
He!! Yeah

Purchased these to add to my angle kit for clearance on inner wheel, and completely opened up to add an inch of clearance compared to a 1/4 inch from oem end links. Quality is as always top notch, just need to add a set to the rear.

Itay Paniri
End links - Great product!

Excellent quality product, easy to assemble and gives a significant improvement! highly recommended!