Light Weight Subframe – BP engine



Tubular subframe for stock Miata engines provides roughly 8 pounds, 25%, saving over the factory NB subframe. Built from DOM tubing. All mounting and suspension points are laser cut for precision fitment and alignment. Our tubular subframe improves rigidity along with updated suspension points with improved steering feedback. Increased engine bay room allows forced induction cars more options for routing. Ease of service with additional working room. Available with NA or NB steering rack mounts. Powder coating deep gray.

Please Note: Subframe pictured with, but doesn’t include V8R MX-5 BP Motor Mounts.

Subframes are built to order. Lead times vary and it is best to contact us for the current lead time.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 36 × 28 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A Gem of a find

Yes, it's obviously a hassle to install, but everyone who's seen the subframe compliments it, my car passes state inspection, and it is excellent I enjoy the extra space it is a well-engineered piece it helped me to run my car after my subframe had been smashed and made it better, it has people asking me where did you get that!

michael reniker
Worth the money

Install was easy since my motor was already out but the space saving makes working on my car so much easier. I would recommend it to anyone who's always working on it from track days

Osvaldo Suarez

Very well designed and high quality built product. Gives you much more room to work on the car and just looks great.

Robin Tripp

Replaced my stock front subframe on my 90 Miata that has a FMII turbo. I wish I had done it at the start. The extra access makes a lot of previously difficult jobs easier. The frame arrived in excellent shape earlier than they promised. All the mounting points and engine mounts lined up with no problem. Any future Miata’s I modify will have this as step one.

Very well manufactured part

This is an excellent product that has been wonderfully manufactured. It retains all of the factory elements you want, such as the cradle for the steering rack, or the holes for the engine mounts (one round and the other slotted). The fit is spot on and that is no easy accomplishment given the number of points that must be perfect in 3D space. It is obviously lighter and stiffer than stock. This is all wonderful but the best aspect is easily the extra room.

It would be hard to overstate how much more room this subframe creates. The bottom opening on the factory subframe is very narrow and, at the front, tappers to an almost point. This subframe is a wide-open U. At the back, the factory subframe opening is nearly 15 inches while this subframe's opening is over 21. The extra room makes removing and replacing the transmission a dream. The front has so much room you could drive a truck through it. I can now replace the oil pan with the engine/subframe in the car. That alone makes this part well worth it. If I was building my Miata over again, I would have grabbed this part so much earlier in the build.

As with pretty much any part that is welded together and then sent through powder coat - run a thread chaser through any threads prior to installation. This step will clean up any small imperfections in the threads. Other than that, this subframe will slide in without effort. I was stunned at how perfect the fit was and how lightning-fast install was.

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