ND Four Wheel Brake Kit



 The Ultimate Four Wheel Kit

A true radial mount racing brake system upgrade for your ND or 124. Combine our 11.750″ front and rear four piston kits for a complete four wheel upgrade and drop 26lbs of unsprung mass! Radial mount systems reduce lateral torsion, or flex, offering improved pedal feel and pad release.

Reduce unsprung and rotational mass, increase thermal capacity,  improve pedal feel.
The key points to performance brake systems!

We start with a Wilwood 11.750″ rotor paired with our CAD designed and FEA tested hats that weigh just over 1 lb and are designed with cooling reliefs for great thermal dissipation. Our hats and brackets are CNC to a tolerance of .002″ for true run out and proper alignment. Kits are direct bolt on, unlike cheaper kits that require hub rings and alignment shims. But we didn’t stop there. Our kits use radial mount Dynapro radial mount systems that reduce lateral torsion, or flex, improving pedal feel and virtually eliminating pad taper. The strength of the DynaPro is a combination of process and design. The process of stress-flow forging re-aligns the internal grain structure of the metal to flow within the contour of the caliper body. This produces a part with superior strength compared to machined block billet parts or castings. The FEA generated body design features a radial transition between the piston bores and caliper bridges. This eliminates machined steps and shoulders in this critical strength area and substantially increases the resistance against deflection and body separation under high load. Structural deflection and volume displacement testing have proven the efficiency of this innovative design. A two-piece caliper is stiffer, has less failure points, and a 30% increase in pad volume compared to traditional 4 piston lug mount kits.


-Ultra light weight 11.750″ x .810 rotor and hat combo only 9.3lbs.
-Hats and brackets are machined from billet 6061 T6 with a hard anodize finish. Stainless heli-coil inserts in brackets. Includes 10.9 hardware
-Remove 7.5lbs per corner
-Wildwood Dynapro radial mount calipers
-Braided stainless brake lines
-Wilwood BP20 smart pads
-Front only kit can be upgraded to full four wheel kit  or Pro Series at any time
-Kits include one liter of high performance brake fluid

Upgrade to the light weight Wilwood four piston Powerlite and shed roughly 4lbs per corner! After extensive CAD modeling and FEA testing we’ve spec’d our kits with a ultra stiff and strong 7075 brackets in place of the common 6061. Precision CNC machined for prefect alignment over the OE rotors that requires no modification to the upright to install. We’ve designed our mounting to shift the caliper to the axle center line for both performance and aesthetics to match  the fronts.  This kit pairs excellent with both of our four piston front kits!


V8R Powerlite 4 piston calipers with parking brake
7075 CNC Aluminum Mounting Brackets
Stainless Steel brake lines
Mounting hardware
BP10 Street Performance pads
Liter of Wilwood high-temp brake fluid


Additional information

Weight50 lbs
Dimensions18 x 16 x 10 in


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