Miata Stock Transmission Ford 8.8 Driveline kits




The Ford 8.8 is tried and true, used in many kit cars and custom builds. It is rock solid. The mounting kit harnesses the 8.8 from the 1989-97 T-Bird, 1993-97 Mark VIII, or the 2003-04 Cobra (31 spline). The mount is designed to eliminate twist and flex without relying on the subframe brace mounting points – which were not designed to support these components. This also means you can retain the factory bracing. The carrier is offered in both steel and aluminum and has a wide variety of ratios and positive traction carriers available. The 8.8 is bulkier and heavier than the Getrag, but still offers enough clearance for a 2.75″ exhaust system. It`s what we recommend for the drag racers and customers with higher power goals or that need a specific ratio. Stage 1 kits are suited for up to 400whp builds and are designed to work with the factory hubs. Stage 2(600hp) & stage 3(950hp) kits include upgrade forged hubs and ARP studs. Chose the drive shaft material that best suits your application. We do recommend the upgraded aluminum shaft for driveability and the reduced rotating mass.

Kits include – axles stage 1,2, or 3, differential mount, and driveshaft for selected transmission or without drive shaft for custom applications of trans swaps.

PLEASE NOTE – because of the large number of axle combinations, axles are built to order. Lead times vary, but typically run 2-3 weeks. Differential is source by customer.

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