NC DSD Coilovers



Our DSD dampers are the result of over four years of track and street testing to provide a complete coilover system that would allow tight yet cushioned ride, but would be able to handle a weekend in the caynons or on track. It's full-length adjustment system keep ride height and preload adjustments separate by having easily adjustable length shock bodies. This feature allows you to make quick setup changes with the included forged spanner and also allows corner weighting without affecting spring preload. Damping curves are are easily adjusted through the top of the shock. We use 8/5 settings for the street and start at 15/12 for track.

Our testing was done using both MZR and V8 conversion cars. Spanning over 40k miles and dozens of track days through the course of testing. We think this is a great balanced setup when paired with our sway bars.


2006-2015 MX5 damper:

Fully threaded aluminum bodied

Mono-tube design

30 way adjustable valving, rebound and compression together

Independent pre-load and ride height adjustments

10K(560lbs) front 6(340lbs) rear spring rates

SAE9254 high strength cold wound then heat treated steel

Aluminum upper mounts, rubber isolated to help aid NHV(factory rear mount is used for NC)

NOK oil seals, 20w race series oil

Bump stops and dust boots included

Hard anodized for corrision resistance

Shocks can be rebuilt or custom valved

Supported by a 18 month warranty

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 28 × 8 in

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Roger Anderson
DSD dampers

Had a rear damper go out right at 50K miles so got the set of 4 DSDs. In anticipation of doing an LS swap, I decided to do the upgrade. The car now is much more stable. Like a go-cart on steriods. It already has a 300hp turboed 2L, but you know what they say about Need to do the upgrade on the brake system now.