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One of the best performance upgrades for the Miata! Frame rails aid in additional rigidity to the MX5 Miata uni-body. Our rails are made from 14 gauge mild steel laser cut and CNC profiled to ensure the tightest fit and best performance. Finished in heavy-duty powder coating. 11 fastening points for each rail using 7/16th grade 8 zinc plated hardware. Can be used as jacking points. This product comes with two frame rails per unit ordered. Now with provisions for fuel line clips on the passenger side rail. Powder coated in silver vain gray.

New Gen2 rails - We've updated the outer edge for a scalloped edge to better conform to the uneven uni-body surface. Added reliefs for the stock fuel & brake line mounting points. Improved fitment to the trailing edge of the rails to suit the OEM structure.

Here are our official Frame Rail installation instructions. Here's another great write-up on how to install V8R Frame Rails on your MX5 Miata.

Here is review and install video on the frame rails -


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 6 × 6 in

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Chris Miramon
Frame rails is at par

Frame rails Gen 2 are rigid and heavy-duty compared to the competition. They are easy to install once you bend into shape your existing rails.

Michael Barber
Decent. Not great.

Holes do not line up. Should include exact size drill bit.

Aaron Dolezal
Rails are good, instructions could be better

I purchased a set of never-installed Gen 1 rails secondhand from a local seller on Facebook Marketplace. He said a local shop quoted him $700 to install them, and it just didn't seem worth it to him. I'd been on the fence about installing them on my 1991 Miata, but I figured I couldn't go wrong for $100.

After I got them, I printed the instructions from the V8 Roadsters site. The instructions were vague in a couple of ways: 1. They just say to line the front edge up with a seam on the underbody, but there are a couple of seams. An image would be very helpful here. 2. There is no mention of what you're supposed to do with the brake/fuel line brackets. I determined that the small holes drilled in the side of the rails correspond with the threaded holes in the side of the factory rails, but after that I was on my own.

Additionally, the holes drilled in the Gen 1 rails were spaced at approximately 17.5", and the hole spacing on my car was 18.5". What I ended up doing was putting the passenger-side rail in place and marking the side of it using the bracket marks on the lines for guidance. Then I removed the rail and drilled fairly large holes in the side of it at the corresponding spots using a step drill. When I put the rail back in place, my holes *just* lined up with the threaded holes in the underbody. I installed the factory line brackets upside down, which spaced the lines away from the protruding bolts. I used fender washers between the brackets and the rails to provide a flat mounting surface (I didn't want the brackets to be partially in the step-drilled holes) and tightened them down with slightly longer bolts. In a few spots, I zip-tied rubber fuel line over the metal lines to prevent bolt-to-line contact.

Otherwise, the install went pretty smoothly. I purchased a new, high-quality Milwaukee drill bit prior to starting the job, and it zipped right through the floor. I painted the holes with Dupli-Color touch-up paint (BGM0388 is a decent match for NA6 Miata red) and put a bead of clear silicone around each hole before putting the bolts through. I feel rust prevention will be sufficient for a car that doesn't see winter weather.

Quality of the rails was good, as was the size and quality of the hardware. I wish it was metric, though.

As far as an improvement in chassis rigidity, on my car it was noticeable but not dramatic. It probably helps that my original frame rails weren't smashed too badly. Only the passenger-side rail required a bit of massaging. All in all, it's a modification I'd recommend, even at list price. Would I pay the $300 other companies are asking for their rails? No. I'd buy the V8 Roadsters rails, especially the Gen 2 version.

Ramses Lee
A solid piece of art

After looking through different options of frames rails from various stand points, none stood out to my attention like the V8 roadsters grame rails. The are very sturdy, and I highly recommend the coated finish set for a long lasting product. The even provide many locking nuts and bolts for installation. I will be making an install video on these on my YouTube channel, SongBird miata. They are a GREAT piece of art. 5/5 I'd buy them again if I went back in time to choose a set!

Thomas Bergen
Amazing Quality

Comes with good hardware and a good powder coated finish. Great bang for your buck!