Miata NC LFX V6 Mounting Kit


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The latest generation of V6 engines from GM has set the bar for performance and efficiency. The LFX is a DOHC 60 degree V6 rated at 320hp and 278lbs-ft and is used in many late GM model vehicles in different variants. With a 7200rpm redline, it matches closely to the Mazda BP engines. Direct fuel injected (flex fuel), and integrated exhaust manifolds should make for a 50 state CARB certifiable conversion. More info on the GM 3.6 liter V6 LFX engine.

Our first thought on the conversion… AWESOME! The car brings OEM driveability with a smooth like stock feeling transmission and 7200rpm redline. The reliable 300+ hp and quick-revving make the car an absolute rocket ship. We were able to knock roughly 35lbs off the factory curb weight and retain a 52/48 distribution.

With a baseline tune, the car averaged close to 30mpg round trip. With additional tuning and final adjustments to the intake and exhaust systems, we are confident we can exceed 30mpg for cruising. Part of the trip was working towards meeting California ARB standards. We’ve made a lot of headway here, and it’s looking very positive.

The Kit Includes

All the parts needed to swap and mount the engine and transmission.

  • NC tubular subframe for LFX
  • Engine mounts with Energy poly bushings
  • Transmission mounts for MV5 or MV7 transmission

Mounting kits are built to order. Lead times vary, and it is best to contact us for the current lead time.

Additional information

Weight70 lbs
Dimensions36 × 29 × 11 in
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