Miata Getrag Differential Swap Kit


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Please note we no longer offer the PPF adapter. The differential nose mount uses the same weld in design as the LFX and LSX conversions and is designed to omit the PPF. The kit now includes a bolt-in transmission mount.

Based on our Getrag V8 conversion system we’ve designed for the stock MX5 transmission. A complete rear end upgrade with 400hp rated axles, upgraded drive shaft with serviceable universal joints.

The Getrag carrier is widely used in many GM vehicles with a broad range of power outputs and applications. Its lightweight cast aluminum design utilizes a clutch-style limited-slip differential an assortment of ratios. The size of the carrier offers exhaust clearance for  3” and optimizes ground clearance. Our unique design utilizes the factory hangers to support the carrier and custom front mount to eliminate twist and flex without relying on the subframe brace mounting points. This design allows the use of the factory and aftermarket braces and subframe connectors. Check out our  Getrag Differential Install Guide.

Kits Includes

Carrier and axle combinations for LSx and MX5 drive lines axle combinations are built from all new parts, no remanufactured or machined original parts are used. The components in each kit are designed to work together under their stated application. Offered with a choice of axle and driveshaft options.

  • Driveshaft for Miata transmission to Getrag differential
  • Weld in front mount
  • Upgraded PnP axles rated at 400WHP
  • Bolt-in transmission mount
  • Hardware for install

We utilize the Getrag in our road course and streetcars. When sourcing the Getrag look for the 2006 – 2008. The later models have casting and seal updates. G80 series limited-slip GM part numbers: 3:2325978162      3:4225873500      3:7325873497    3:90 – 25968531 . We offer new differentials for sale. Check our GM parts section.

Upgradable to work with LSx or LFX conversions

This kit is for stock Miata transmission and PPF. Kits for LSx and LFX conversions can be found under our Miata Engine Swap Kits section.

Featured Getrag Diff Swap Install Project

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 28 × 12 in
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