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A 300whp Miata is a lot of fun! Especially when it retains the high revving characteristic and light shifting feel of the stock drive train with OEM reliability.  Our in house builds have proven minimal weight gain and balance change, offering a stock like driving experience with three times the power.

The LFX package contains the core items needed from V8R for the swap:

LFX mounting kit for NB steering rack

Stage 1 Getrag driveline kit for MV5

LFX downpipes

LFX fuel kit

LFX shifter assembly

LFX clutch kit

LFX power steering kit for NB rack OR power steering delete

Frame rails reinforcements

You will still need smaller items like coolant hoses, hose clamps, down pipe back exhaust, etc to complete the conversion. Customer supplies the engine, transmission, and differential. We can custom tailor this packages to remove/add smaller items such as power steering, remote oil filter, or upgrade drive line levels. Packages are built to order and lead times vary. Major changes can not be made to packages.

Best sources for the engine and transmission is 2012-2015 Camaro.

The differential can be source from the following:

3.23: ​25978162
Available in the following vehicles, RWD only
2005-2007 CTS Base 3.6L
2008-2009 SRX base 3.6L and 4.6L
2009 STS Base and Platinum 3.6L


Flat rate shipping charge of $275 will be billed after order is placed. 

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