V8R Wilwood BBK Front Caliper Replacements


Dynapro Radial-Mount Calipers

Dynapro four-piston dust seal radial-mount calipers (DPR-DS) are an example of Wilwood’s continuing upgrade and improvement processes. Combine pure race technology with a new generation of Wilwood performance enhancements. The Dynapro-DS combines the versatility of radial mounting with a sleek profile, superior strength, and extreme durability in adverse conditions. The addition of dust wiper seals allows this caliper to be used in localities that require a method of environmental sealing. With an overall weight as light as 3.58 pounds, the Dynapro series of calipers has become a favored choice for a broad range of sports, rally, and off-road driving applications. These calipers are compatible with our following performance brake kits:

Dynapro Lug Mount Calipers

The DynaPro Lug Mount (DP) forged billet caliper represents the newest generation of calipers available as an upgrade or replacement for applications previously using the long-standing Dynalite model series. DP calipers combine pure race technology with several new exclusive Wilwood performance enhancements. A sleek profile with superior strength and a full detail machined finish provide the performance and looks for competition or show. These calipers are compatible with our following performance brake kits:

Please Note: product prices are per caliper.

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